Who are you and why do I want to buy your liquid so badly? 

My name is Nikhil, and I enjoy mixing liquid. I started this business with a passion for creating unique flavors and wanted to give everyone a chance to get exactly what they want from their vapor. I know a lot of people, including myself, who have bought e-juice that tasted worse than a cigarette when it didn't have to. Since the e-cig is supposed to be an alternative to cigarettes, I strive to create liquid that is not only better than cigarettes, but delicious and suited to your tastes. 

Why is my bottle not full? 

The bottles are full at the point they start curving at the top, they can theoretically hold more than their size rating. The air space is not only for safety, but it gives the liquid space to move around so it can be mixed by shaking, which is important with freshly made liquid. 

My question isn't answered here. Read my mind? 

I'm testing a new ESP liquid, but for now, e-mail me at contact@purevapes.com. 


Just how strong is each flavor strength? 

Our regular flavor is meant to be suitable to most people, and if we get feedback telling us it's too weak or strong we adjust the strengths accordingly. Light is 20% less flavor than regular, and Extra is 20% more. 

VG? PG? Explain, please? 

We use the purest USP Vegetable Glycerin (VG), a clear, thick, and sweet substance used in all kinds of products from food to skin care. It produces more vapor and is slightly sweeter than PG. Our USP Propylene Glycol (PG) is also the purest available, and is a clear liquid used everywhere from medical inhalers to the flavoring industry. Most of our flavorings are carried in a PG base. It is slightly drier and vaporizes hotter than VG. We recommend at least 10% VG for the extra vapor, but it's really up to your personal preference. They have different mouthfeels and textures, and some people prioritize vapor over throat hit or vice versa. 

Sucralose? Why can't I just use sugar? Will it affect me if I have diabetes? 

If you want to sweeten your liquid, we use artifical sweetener because sugar will caramelize in your electronic cigarette's atomizer and not only taste bad but also damage it. None of the ingredients in our liquid will have any effect on blood sugar. 

Make it Cold? How does this work? 

We add an ingredient that activates the cold receptors on your tongue. Similar to the feeling of breath mints, but without any flavor. This lets us give any flavor a cold feeling, so feel free to apply it to anything at all. 

Does your Throat Hit enhancer feel like my lungs are being cooked by 4,000 volatile chemicals? 

Not quite, but our enhancer will heat your throat without affecting the flavor. It's quite powerful and also alcohol free. 

I've heard some bad things about certain ingredients, are they in yours? 

No Pure Vapes liquids contain diacetyl.